What is an Open MRI?

Are you the type of person who is afraid of MRI machines? There is no shame in feeling this way. We have all been there before. Those machines are so small and they are so cramped when you get inside, and it makes you feel as though you were completely trapped. Some have described the sensation of being in one of those machines as similar to when you are lying in a coffin and someone closes the lid. And that is a very scary thing to go through, especially if claustrophobia is an issue for you.

So, what can you do? This is not something that you can avoid. You will need to get an MRI if your doctor has asked for one. You may think that it is some unnecessary test where they just want to make money from you, but it is not the case. MRIs offer so much valuable information about so many different injuries and conditions, and you cannot go without one if an expert or your regular doctor has asked you to get one. But what you can do is go for an open MRI instead, which you will find a much more pleasant experience.

Thanks to the advanced medical imaging in Toms River NJ, you will now be able to get an open MRI without any issues. The Hitachi Open MRI machine is one of the best in the world, and it is recognized as giving results that are as good as the best MRI machines in the world. There is no medical impact from you going with the open MRI as opposed to the regular one. But what it does mean is that you will have a much more pleasant and comfortable experience within the machine, and you will not be scared to get this test done.