Things To Know After Shoulder Surgery

Getting shoulder surgery can take its toll on your day to day life. There are certain things that you should know and that you should be prepared for after your shoulder surgery. The first thing that will be different is hygiene. You’ll need someone to help you wash your un-operated arm since you won’t be able to use your operated arm to do this. You’ll struggle to use some showers and it’s recommended to keep the operated area dry and protected. For this, you’ll need to get protective wear that you can put over the affected area while you shower or bath. Drying yourself off is also something that you’ll need assistance with.

If you’re wondering what to wear after shoulder surgery, the good news is that there are clothes specially designed for people recovering from shoulder surgery. These items are easy to apply and will be less of a hassle than your regular clothes. With regular clothes it is possible to wear it, but you’ll need assistance to put them on and to remove them without causing further injury to your arm and shoulder.

Eating will be an activity that’ll remain largely unchanged, but you will have to do everything with one arm only. You won’t be able to prepare any elaborate dishes like kneading bread or the likes easily with only one arm, so either let someone else cook for you or stick to simple things.

When you sleep, you should definitely avoid rolling onto the side that has been operated on as this can cause extreme pain and discomfort. Try to sleep on your back to prevent any injuries during the night. While you’re recovering, you should always be careful and aware of what you’re doing.