What is Anastrozole?

Anastrozole is for men only, but women can read about it too. Perhaps they have loved ones showing the symptoms, modest or extreme, of higher than the required healthy average estrogen levels in men. Men who are currently overweight and highly stressed at this time could do well to read this note through. Perhaps there are symptoms of increased estrogen levels which could do with a bit of investigation.

The anastrozole for men is specifically used to reduce the production of estrogen. It helps prevent male hormones from being converted to estrogen. Doing so helps to retain a healthy estrogen level in men. If there is a suspicion that higher than average estrogen levels are prevalent, a proper medical diagnosis is called for. Thereafter, it is over to the medical examiner to prescribe the relevant anastrozole treatment. It is important that all recognize and identify those symptoms.

Excessive weight may not necessarily mean that excessive estrogen levels are doing the rounds. The same goes for profound hair loss. So, that is why the medical diagnosis is important. If it is deemed that the patient needs this form of treatment then there is nothing to fear because it is safe. Known also as hormone replacement therapy (HRT), the safe and effective treatment needs to be monitored by practicing specialists in any case.

Those who are at risk of developing type 2 diabetes, prostate cancer or cardiovascular disease would be ideal candidates for this form of treatment in order to safeguard their health across the board. Ultimately with the suppression of estrogen production in men, the symptoms of high estrogen levels that are left untreated could bring on the long-term medical and health risks.  So, after reading this, you are feeling jaded, perhaps your estrogen levels are low.